Five Fun Facts About Clover Mites

About The Mites
About The Mites

As tiny as the period at the end of this sentence, clover mites are not insects, but arachnids, like spiders. Bright red and oval in shape, clover mites are herbivores. These mites suck the sap from plants and will feed on all kinds of plants but prefer grass, particularly lush Monmouth County, New Jersey lawns!

Harmless nuisance pests that do not pose a threat to people or animals, clover mites cause problems when they invade porches or homes by the thousands. If crushed, clover mites can leave red stains on floors, walls, drapes and furniture.

Clover mites are most problematic in the late spring and early fall when eggs hatch and clover mites either emerge from their winter harborage or seek shelter for the coming winter.

Fun Facts About Clover Mites

  1. Clover mites are sun seekers and usually gather on sunny southern and eastern exposures.
  2. In the spring and fall, females lay bright red eggs in dry, protected cracks and crevices, often in bricks and under siding. When they hatch, clover mite offspring are identical clones of their mothers.
  3. U.S. clover mite populations are strictly female. Clover mites are parthenogenetic reproducers which means eggs do not require fertilization by males.
  4. Creating an 18-inch grass-free strip around your home’s foundation can help keep clover mites from invading.
  5. Clover mites that enter your home will die of dehydration in a few days. Vacuum or wipe them up with a damp cloth to minimize staining.

Professional exterior treatment by a licensed Monmouth County, New Jersey exterminator is the most effective way to get rid of clover mites. If these pests are annoying you, call Allison Pest Control today.