Why Do it Your Self Doesn’t Always Work With Ants

Why Wont These Ants Go Away
Why Wont These Ants Go Away

Have you been spotting ants in your home often enough to make you uneasy? These tiny, seemingly harmless insects don’t appear to be much of a match against humans. However, you should proceed with caution. Do-it-yourself extermination methods can backfire and actually make the problem worse.

Out in nature, ants are an important part of the food chain. They pollinate plants, recycle dead organic matter and feed on other insects. That doesn’t make them welcome indoor guests. At best they’re a nuisance, getting into food or even biting. At worst, as in the case of carpenter ants, they can cause extensive structural damage to your home.

Ant infestations are quick to develop because they multiply rapidly and they’re able to hide their nests out of sight. When you attempt extermination with over-the-counter pesticides, the result is superficial. It generally attacks only the ants who are out in the open without penetrating the actual nest.

To complicate the issue, the remaining members of the colony will scatter and establish footholds in multiple areas. Eliminating the egg-laying queen is key to destroying the colony. She is hidden away and well-protected, so she’s rarely affected by these products.

Safety is another major issue. Sprays and “bombs” can be harmful to children and pets. They’re extremely difficult to use without allowing any residue to settle on interior surfaces.

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