Five Fun Facts About Stink Bugs

The Stink Bug
The Stink Bug

You might think that a name like stink bugs tells you everything you need to know about this pest. But as with most living creatures, there’s more to their story.

Brown marmorated stink bugs are native to the Far East countries of Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. They’ve been growing in numbers since they first allegedly stowed away in some shipping crates back in 1998. Here are some other fun facts about this shield-shaped insect.

  • The nasty smell that gives them their name comes from a chemical secreted in glands located on their abdomen. Scientists believe it developed as a defense against predators.
  • Most species of stink bugs are green or brown in color. The immature bugs, or nymphs, range from black to yellow and may change color several times as they grow.
  • Stink bugs can present a serious threat to crops. Some types can cause enough damage to fruit to make it unfit for sale. On the other hand, some varieties are actually beneficial to crops, feeding on caterpillars, beetles and even the plant-eating stink bugs.
  • While they don’t do it often, stink bugs can fly. When they’re on the ground they keep their wings folded across their back.
  • The arrival of cold weather it what causes stink bugs to seek shelter in homes via cracks and other minute openings. They’ll generally hibernate until spring, but the indoor heat can cause them to stir.

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