Three Facts About Carpenter Ants You May Not Know

Carpenter Ant Control
Carpenter Ant Facts

One of the most common ant species in New Jersey, carpenter ants can be found destroying wood and terrorizing local homeowners and businesses. Have you seen these large, red and black ants around your property? Learn about carpenter ants so you know what to look for, and when to call for professional ant control.

Carpenter ants do not eat wood: Think of them as demolition ants, not carpenter ants. They destroy wood but do not eat it. Carpenter ants damage wood structures while tunneling to build nests or create routes to food. They are known to eat meat and sugary foods, so protect your sugar, honey, cereals, and pet foods.

Winged queens can be mistaken for small wasps: When mating, queen carpenter ants have large wings. They shed the wings after mating when they start looking for nesting grounds. Consider a large carpenter ant with wings a sign that you need a pest control professional before a new nest gets built inside or near your home.

Carpenter ant sawdust contains insect parts: This helps distinguish ant sawdust from termite sawdust. Carpenter ant sawdust consists of fine dust with some ant body parts mixed in. Termites leave coarser sawdust with droppings in it.

Much like termites, carpenter ants cause New Jersey residents a major nuisance and massive property damage. Call Allison Pest Control to protect your house or business from a messy and dangerous infestation.