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Pastoral town in the Netherlands.The charming community of Brielle, perched alongside the Manasquan River in southern Monmouth County, has an equally lovely name. It was bestowed by a 19th-century developer in honor of a similarly pastoral town he once visited in the Netherlands.

Famed author Robert Louis Stevenson was also appreciative of Brielle's appeal. He spent most of the month of May 1888 on vacation there, using the time to work on his classic book The Master of Ballantrae.

Brielle Pest Control and Pest Extermination

Native American farmers in Monmouth County frequently visited the area that is now Brielle to take advantage of the plentiful fishing and hunting opportunities. Where there's wildlife, insects are sure to be as well, creating a need for effective Brielle pest control.

As natives of Monmouth County, the owners and staff of Allison Pest Control are knowledgeable about all the insect and rodent varieties that turn up in the area. Our company has been providing quality Brielle pest control services to local homes and businesses since 1917.

"International" Cockroaches Make Their Home in Brielle

Brielle cockroach - Call Allison Pest Control!With their repellent appearance, furtive nature and propensity to carry and spread bacteria, cockroaches have earned their reputation as the most disliked of all insect pests and the number one target of Brielle pest control. In addition to spreading diseases such as salmonella and dysentery, cockroaches can cause allergies and other respiratory ailments, especially in children and the elderly.

Cockroaches breed rapidly, so if you spot one, you can be sure there are many more where it came from. Despite their international names, here are the most common varieties of cockroaches encountered in Brielle pest control:

  • The German cockroach is the variety found most often in Monmouth County and across the United States. This light brown, 1/2-inch long pest is characterized by two darker stripes along the back of its head. German cockroaches gravitate toward kitchens, bathrooms and other warm, humid places.

  • At two inches long, the American cockroach is the giant of the roach world. This species is identified by a pale yellow figure-eight on its back. The American cockroach is more aggressive than other more nocturnal varieties, so it's not unusual to spot them in open food preparation areas.

  • The wingless Oriental cockroach is about one inch in size with a glossy black appearance. While their preferred habitat is damp, dark places like sewers, Oriental cockroaches will sometimes make their nest outdoors in piles of leaves or wood, seeking indoor shelter once cold weather arrives.

Termites Pose a Serious Challenge for Brielle Pest Control

Get a free pest inspection for your home or business. Find out more...As indicated by its name, the Eastern subterranean termite lives underground, but it creates a serious threat to structures up above. One of four subterranean species found in the United States, Eastern subterranean termites are the only variety occurring in New Jersey where they keep our Brielle pest control technicians busy, infesting one out of five homes each year.

While wood is the primary element of their diet, Eastern subterranean termites also require a constant source of moisture. Damp, damaged wood supplies both of their needs, so buildings with leaks or flood damage make attractive targets. Ranging in size from 1/8-inch to 3/8-inch, these termites can easily make their way indoors through the tiniest cracks and openings.

Eastern subterranean termites pose a particularly thorny problem for Brielle pest control. These insects are poor flyers, so once they establish a colony indoors, they tend to form a number of satellite communities in the same structure. Professional help is needed to ensure that the termite presence is completely eradicated.

New Jersey Pest Home Protection Plan

Protect your family, home and business from cockroaches, termites and other unwanted pests. Our efficient Brielle pest control services include a selection of home and commercial pest management programs. Contact us today to schedule a free pest inspection.

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