Pest Control Services for New Jersey Restaurants, Food Processing Facilities, Hotels, and Motels

For the hospitality industry and food service industries your name and reputation are your most valuable commodities. Pests problems can damage or tarnish your reputation and in some cases lead to law suits. In today's business environment you need a capable pest control firm to partner with you to keep your facility pest-free and in compliance with state regulations.

Pest Control for New Jersey Restaurants

Allison Pest Control provides services for restaurants and food service businesses in New Jersey.Rodents, cockroaches, various flies, and drain flies can be significant problems for restaurants both in the food storage and food preparation areas, but those aren't the only pests that can cause problems. When a pest problem gets out of control not only does the situation adversely impact employees, it violates health codes, and can even seriously damage the business' reputation with customers. No restaurant wants to be in the "news" for a pest problem!

Allison Pest Control understands the special needs of restaurants and works to create a special pest program to treat and monitor for rats and mice, ants, cockroaches, all types of pantry pests, flies, and even drain flies. With our focus on solving the problem quickly and then with an eye on active prevention of re-infestation we work hard to keep your restaurant pest-free.

Managers will find our technician treatment log books a valuable tool when it comes time for food service inspections and home office evaluations. With professional pest monitoring of storage areas, pantries, refuse containers, food storage, and preparation areas we strive to keep your restaurant in compliance with state regulations in regards to pests and the chemicals used in these sensitive areas. All of our pest technicians are state licensed and have met all pesticide application education requirements as well as regularly attend our own intensive and on-going pest training programs to assure that they are the most qualified in the industry to assist you with your restaurants pest problems.


Pest Control for New Jersey Food Processing Facilities

Food processing plants present a challenge to any pest prevention program. Depending on the foods your facility processes you may have issues with Indian meal moths, weevils, drugstore beetles, sawtooth grain beetles, flies, cockroaches, rats, or mice. Food preparation and food storage areas must be carefully monitored for pests and when they are found, treated with only specially labeled pesticides. Because of this, you need to have a knowledgeable pest control service professional on your side that understands your specific needs.

Allison Pest Control has been providing pest control services in the Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex county areas since 1917. That longevity in the pest control industry affords us a unique perspective. There isn't a pest that is a problem in New Jersey food processing facilities that we haven't seen or treated for over the years.

Our pest technicians are licensed by New Jersey and undergo intensive pest and pesticide application training to receive their license. Additionally, we provide on-going training for our team to make sure that they are using the most up-to-date methods and techniques for your environment. With written reports and pest control log books updated with each visit, you will always be able to review our findings and have full documentation of the chemicals used in each treatment.

Using Integrated Pest Management techniques we don't just focus on a chemical barrier to keep pests out of your plant. We make concrete recommendations and provide action plans to solve storage, environmental, and location problems that encourage pest intrusions. With Allison Pest Control's careful attention to keeping your facility pest-free you can focus on your business and production.


Pest Control for New Jersey Hotels and Motels

Image of a beautiful hotel room bed.Not only do hotels and motels have some of the same pest control needs as do restaurants, especially as many contain restaurants or offer some kind of food service, but hotels and motels may have other pests such as bed bugs and fleas.

Bed bugs are considered the new pest of the 21st century and can be incredibly difficult to eradicate once established. Early identification of the problem can keep treatment costs down and expensive soft good replacement costs under control. Additionally, a bed bug infestation can be devastating to a business' reputation and may even be the grounds of a law suit. In early 2010, New Jersey lawmakers introduced legislation to provide education and treatment guidelines for multi-family properties. It may not be in the too distant future that hotels and motels may find themselves facing regulation in regards to bed bugs as well.

Pests in hotels and motels can be easily spread unknowingly by the housekeeping staff. With our strong attention to education, when a pest problem does happen, we explain how bed bugs or other pests are spread. We help you to create programs to treat pests proactively before they hit infestation levels. Whether you need help with the placement of glue boards or monitoring devices, education on specific pests, or an Integrated Pest Management plan created just for your needs, Allison Pest Control has the knowledge and experience to solve and prevent your next pest problem.


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