Pest Control Services for the Healthcare Industry in New Jersey

Image of two doctors and a nurse.Allison Pest Control understands your special needs in the healthcare industry. With our professional pest control services that work around your schedule, customized service plans that suit your pest needs, and emergency on-call service, we provide you with the peace of mind that your healthcare facility will be pest-free.

Pest Control for NJ Hospitals

Hospitals and out-patient facilities have special needs. Round the clock activity, food service areas, storage closets, sterile spaces, and patient rooms can create a challenging environment to treat for pests. A pest problem can easily compromise the sterile nature of some parts of your facility and therefore endanger the health of your patients. Allison Pest Control uses integrated pest management techniques to quickly solve your pest problems and then to keep your facility pest-free.

Chemical use may also be a concern for you and your staff, so our pest technicians create a custom treatment plan for you that addresses these concerns; minimizing chemical odors and the use of some pesticides. We know that certain types of pests can carry pathogens and so carefully monitor for their presence as part of keeping your environment safe from pests that can spread disease. Our pest technicians are knowledgeable in the identification of these pests that can be problems for you and actively inspect for their presence while performing your routine services.

Our pest technicians keep a log book documenting your treatments and leave written report copies of their findings with your appointed contact person. Additionally, our service personnel work hard to be on the job around your schedule; working hard to be unobtrusive yet effectively treating your pests. Your patients and staff may not even know that pest control service is being performed, they will only know that your facility is pest-free!


Pest Control for NJ Nursing Homes

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have special pest control needs. Allison Pest Control works hard to provide effective solutions to keep your facility pest-free while minimizing any odors, schedule disruptions, and intrusions by performing pest control services on a schedule best suited to your needs. With our integrated pest management plan we work hard to rid you of your pests and then keep a fresh barrier around the perimeter of your facility to keep pests from getting back in.

By treating and monitoring living spaces, private rooms, storage areas, office spaces, and food service facilities, we watch carefully to keep a wide variety of pests out of your facility. We understand that many of your patients and staff may have concerns if the materials we use have strong odors or leave wet sprays, and so work hard to select the proper treatment program for your environment. We utilize materials that are odor-free and do not leave messy residues. The safety and comfort of your residents and staff are of the utmost concern to us.

With our emergency service program, you won't need to wait to call for help when a pest problem occurs on a weekend or holiday. Our pest technicians also keep a log book documenting your treatment and leave written report copies of their findings with your appointed contact person.


Pest Control for NJ Physician Offices

With early appointments and the hustle and bustle of a doctor's office, your office has special needs when it comes to pest control. Allison Pest Control provides quality service for your busy environment by scheduling pest control visits at a time convenient to you and your staff. Our attention to education and the creation of a custom integrated pest management plan keeps your doctors office pest-free.

With courteous, friendly, and professional service, our technicians unobtrusively treat your office, inspect for problem pests, and even document the treatment they provide. Your patients and staff may never even know that you have had pest control service appointment that morning with our use of odor-free materials and a pro-active pest intervention programs. When you need prompt professional help with a pest problem Allison Pest Control is there to solve the issue quickly and effectively.


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