NJ Pigeon Control Services and NJ Pigeon Exclusion Installations

Solving a pigeon or pest bird problem is no job for amateurs. When you work with Allison Pest Control, we make finding the right solution to your pigeon problem easy. Pigeons Away, a division of Allison Pest Control, has the knowledge and experience to create an effective pigeon exclusion program no matter what size the project.

Our Pigeons Away division, has successfully solved and eliminated pigeon problems for health care facilities, colleges and universities, sports stadiums, federal, state and local government buildings, as well as commercial and industrial facilities. Review our clients past and present to get an idea on our expertise and the scope of jobs we have installed.

Not only do these products work to exclude pigeons but can be used to control and exclude sea gulls, swallow, starlings, and other nuisance birds that are damaging your roof, signs, warehouse, and courtyard.

Diseases that pest birds may carry.

Damage that pigeons and other pest birds cause to roof materials.

Which birds are considered pest birds and how to identify them.

New Jersey Pigeon Control That is Humane

Our Pigeons Away System does not involve the use of poisons. We do not kill or harm the birds. Our Pigeons Away service team installs pigeon deterrent systems designed to eliminate roosting or nesting on areas of your building where their activity is not welcome. In many cases the installation may include a combination of products from barriers, netting or spring wire systems.

Pigeon Systems and Bird Exclusion Programs - Both Mechanical and Electrical

Image of bird spikes applied to the top of a commercial sign to keep pigeons off the structure.Depending on your needs, we have a variety of tested pigeon, sea gull, and bird exclusion devices that are sure to quickly resolve your bird problem. Here is a partial listing of some of the systems we use which can be mechanical or electrical.

Electric Barriers - Electrically charged stainless steel wiring is installed on your building ledges. The low voltage electrical impulse is transmitted to the system and provides just enough "shock" to deter all pigeons from roosting or nesting on the newly protected ledges.

Bird Netting Systems - Bird netting effectively blocks pigeon entry to large open areas such as courtyards, alleyways, church bell towers and any building opening where pigeons have previously had access to roost or nest due to the architectural design. Bird netting is a permanent barrier that is almost invisible to the casual observer.

Spring Wire System - Our spring wire system is designed for narrow ledges, small pipes, flagpoles and other surfaces that require limited perch modification procedures.

Bird Wire System - Our bird wire system is modifies bird behavior by keeping birds from finding a footing on ledges and narrow spaces.

Pigeon Spikes - A spike installation removes any available space for nesting or landing. Pigeon spikes are available in strips and even in configurations for gutter installation. Flexible stainless steel or poly spikes keeps birds off of ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes, chimneys, cut-outs, and lights.

A Pigeons Away consultant from Allison Pest Control will be happy to visit your facility or building and recommend the appropriate system for your particular problem. Call toll free in New Jersey 1-800-682-6565 or phone (732) 938-4585 outside of New Jersey.


Past and Present Pigeon and Bird Control Clients

To give you an idea of the scope in which we have provided pigeon control services, we have noted a partial list of our clients past and present.

  • Colleges and Universities
    • Jersey City State University
    • Princeton University
    • Rutgers University
  • Corporations
    • Colgate Palmolive
    • Federal Express
    • Hess Oil Company
  • Health Care
    • Jersey City Medical Center
    • Robert Woods Johnson University Hospital
    • Saint Peter's Medical Center
  • Local Government
    • Elizabeth City Hall
    • Middlesex County Public Works
    • Ocean County Public Works
  • State Government
    • New Jersey Highway Authority
    • New Jersey Transit
    • New Jersey Turnpike Authority

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Call Pigeons Away part of Allison Pest Control today for help with your pigeon control needs toll free in New Jersey, 1-800-682-6565 or (732) 938-4585 outside of New Jersey. Let us know about your specific requirements. As we have done for so many others, we will develop a pigeon control plan that is tailored to fit your specific needs. We look forward to serving you.


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