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Middletown, New JerseyFor residents of the aptly-named Middletown in Monmouth County, New Jersey, the area provides the best of both worlds. The town has a rural tradition and features a number of unique residential neighborhoods, but it's only 23 miles away from Newark and its big-city attractions.

Middletown's descriptive motto is, "The Biggest Small Town in New Jersey". The town has made several appearances on's annual list of "Best Places to Live". Families enjoy a variety of entertainment from three local amusement parks, while nature lovers appreciate the outdoor activities available at Waterfront Park and Monmouth Cove Marina.

Your Resource for Middletown, NJ Pest Control

The owners and staff of Allison Pest Control have been providing Middletown and Monmouth County with high-quality pest control service for several years. We have a deep familiarity with the area that gives us valuable insight into the best means to treat any insect or animal problem affecting your home or business.

Carpenter Ants Set Up Shop in Middletown

Carpenter AntIf you see ants in your Middletown home or office, chances are good that it's a carpenter ant, the most common species in New Jersey. These insects are dull black in appearance and average -inch to -inch in length.

While their name makes them sound industrious, the effects are anything but positive. Unlike termites, they don't actually feed on wood. They tunnel into it in order to create galleries where they can build their nests. A carpenter ant colony can number into the tens of thousands, resulting in considerable structural damage to a building.

Carpenter ants require a regular supply of water to survive, so the parent colony is often found outdoors in an old tree stump or woodpile. Others will move indoors seeking areas of high moisture in order to build satellite colonies. Effective elimination requires removal of the parent colony as well as all satellites.

Are Bed Bugs Keeping You From a Good Night's Sleep in Your Middletown Home?

In recent years, bed bugs have become a growing problem in Middletown and Monmouth County. Bed bug population in the United States has grown by 500 percent with studies showing much of the activity centered in New Jersey.

Get a free pest inspection for your home or business. Find out more...Do you still believe that cleanliness is a defense against bed bugs? The fact is that they are equal-opportunity invaders. They were essentially eliminated in post-WWII America due to heavy use of DDT. However, when that insecticide was banned in the 1970s it literally opened the door back to their return.

Bed bugs are experienced hitchhikers, taking any opportunity to grab a ride with travelers and nest inside their luggage. New Jersey is a major hub for both domestic and international travel, making it a prime gateway for these pests to enter Middletown homes and businesses.

New Jersey Pest Protection Programs

Enjoy the quality of life in Middletown free of concerns about animal or insect invasions. We have a variety of commercial and residential plans that accommodate any size or type of building. Programs include exterior and interior treatments to keep your home or business pest-free.

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